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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Haven't done this in awhile...

Well, I haven't posted on this in awhile so I figured I would. These past few semesters have been pretty brutal on me, and I have been running a lot and studying a ton as well. I have the Praxis test coming up in a few days and I have been putting my energy into that. Also, the week after that, I am running the Houston Marathon so I have been training for that as well, along with seeing my girlfriend, working, and also seeing some friends from school. It has been a pretty good break, but I am ready to go back to school and get these last 3 semesters over with. I know it's not wise to wish away college, but I want to start making a salary!!

As for my running, I am starting something new this year. I had made a few New Years Resolutions this year. Some involve school, and there are several that involve running. The ones that I am going to include are as follows:
  • Finish the YUT-C 50K this year
  • Finish the Houston Marathon
  • Finish the Mill Creek Distance Classic Half Marathon
  • Run of the Mill 1 miler
  • Akron Relay Race (whatever leg I can finish)
  • Any 5k
  • Turkey Trot 5 miler
  • Peace Race 10k
  • 2 mile race

These are my Resolutions for 2010, and the reasons I chose these ones, are because it is a race at every distance. I am going to try and be more well rounded in my racing, and I feel this is the way to do it.

As for now, this is all I am going to write. I am going to go run now, as my streak for the New Year has also started!! 2 days..we'll see how long this one stays up.

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