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Monday, April 25, 2011

Challenge Yourself

This past week has been very stressful. Student Teaching was ending, APO was ending, Res Life was gradually beginning to decrease. I found myself looking at everything coming to an end. Fairly depressing some might say. Others, including myself, would also disagree. I find that with everything coming to an end, that there is hope and renewed focus onto something new that will happen.

Once school ends, I know it will be a sad time for a lot of people. Friendships beginning to decline and lose touch, not seeing the faculty on a day to day basis, but my hope is to keep in contact with everyone that I talk to. I plan on trying to be that person that anyone can come to with anything they might have. I also want to be that guy who is able to still keep in touch with his college professors and ask questions that relate to their respected field of study. I want to be the guy who learns more, and is willing to step out of his comfort zone to learn something new, something challenging that hasn't been previously addressed in college.

I also want to be that type of guy, who plans on doing challenging things in his life. Right now, I know the field of Education is very competitive and I know that's going to be a tough challenge for me to overcome. But, I will do my best and hope there is a school district willing to give me a chance. Once that happens, I am accountable to see all the students learning to their fullest potential. I enjoy that accountability because I have that strong passion to work with students and see that glow that they are learning something new everyday.

I am also challenging myself to complete my fifth marathon in May. Pittsburgh is going to be that challenge that I have been looking for. I want something with a lot of hills, something with a difficulty more than running near a lake, or flatland. I want that challenge, so that I can give others hope in everything they do. I also plan on doing the YUT-C 50k this fall, and a few weeks later complete the Columbus Marathon with my twin sister, Kyrsti. I love where everything is going, and I can only hope for the best.

This past week = 100 miles 12 hours 43 minutes 57 seconds of total running (7 runs).