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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Houston, we have liftoff

So on Sunday, I was in Houston, we (as in my friend Tom and I) and we ran the marathon. There was a lot of people there, yes about 15,000 in our race and roughly 30,000 people applied so it was nice to run with a ton of people. During the race, I was constantly looking for Jeff Van Gundy (The Houston Rocket's Announcer and ex-coach). I never found him. But that's okay, I still wasn't going to let that stop me.

During the race, it was the first 3 miles and I was going to take it a little easier and run with Tom. I ended up running with him and we crossed the 3 mile marker at 27:27 and when I had already gotten the gatorade that I needed, I kept on going. Looking for Tom all over the place, I couldn't find him. So, I assumed that he went to the bathroom or was walking a bit. I trodded along and kept a relatively good pace.

After about 10 miles, I decided that I was having fun and running a very decent pace, but I wanted to look around more instead of focusing all on the race. I looked around and there it was Rice University. It was so nice to see their stadium, and see how many times the University of Texas has come in there and destroyed them. It was a good feeling and kept me going. After about 15 miles, I was experiencing a "Runner's High". I was smelling Bengay and never once did I smell it at all during the previous runs. I felt like I was in an "out of body" experience and it was the weirdest thing ever, but also one that you really can't explain to anyone else.

Then the finish was coming along, I loved crossing that Finish Line. It was another milestone in my journey and I can't wait to start training for my next race, which will be a half marathon.

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