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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 6. Ugly and Cold.

Today's running was a little cold out. In the morning, I woke up and was going to go running. I checked my phone, and it said that the temperature felt like it was 8 below zero. I quickly returned to my heated bed and slept for a half hour longer. Then, I decided that it was time to get up. I then got out of bed to see that it still didn't warm up. So, I decided the smart thing to do would be to wait until the afternoon to go run. So, I did.

After I ate lunch, I went over to my Grandma and Grandpa's to help them take down their Christmas decorations. After about twenty minutes, we were all done and I was going to head out for a good run, that was, until my Grandpa had volunteered me to help take down the Nativity scene at Our Lady of Prepetual Help Church in McDonald. I didn't mind and was happy to help some of the members of our church to take it down.

Then, I thought I would finally be able to get out and go for a run and be home just in time for the Cowboys game against the Philadelphia Eagles. I was wrong once again, and ate some Wedding Soup and had a Grilled Cheese with my mom during Halftime of the game. I thought to myself, once the game is over, I will go for a run.

All this procrastination, and I still managed to get out for a run, it wasn't long and it wasn't that warm, but I still got one in and was glad that I did. I was also glad for the Cowboys winning the last game of the regular season and beating Philadelphia twice in the regular season, hopefully we can pull through for another week next week.

Day 6 of running (3 for the New Year), and it's already starting to look like I may be getting another "streak" in.

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