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Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend and West Branch Witch Trails

This week was pretty brutal as classes were just starting. Have a nice schedule but Calc should be a challenging one. This week was probably not the best for running as I had to figure out my schedule and see what times would work best to run. I quickly found that I think I might get up before class and run so that I can get the run in and still have plenty of time to do homework and other organizational programs such as F.Y.E. I am an advocate for freshman during their first year, and the program that it is called is F.Y.E which stands for First Year Experience. So that is one organization that I am involved in which can take up most of your time on some days.

So this weekend was pretty odd from many other weekends. I went to my sisters meet and watched her race along with Joey as well. I didn't get the opportunity to do a long run this weekend which makes this weekend pretty odd. I will however be doing a long run this week possibly tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday. I may do two long runs also because I feel as though I need the long runs this week to get back into the swing of things.

Yesterday, I went to Sarahs grandfathers 80th birthday party and thought that was very fun and I got to meet some of her family along with her grandfathers friends. I still wish I have as many friends as he does when I am 80 years old. The trip was about a half hour drive to pretty much the middle of nowhere but regardless, it was fun! Then I came home to watch the football games and was very excited that the Cardinals with old man Kurt Warner are in the Superbowl, but am really angry that the Steelers are now in it. Oh well, if the Steelers win it, then they are two up on the Cowboys, and I don't want that!

Today, Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Jeff and I ventured out to the West Branch Witch Trails. I am still wondering why they call it West Branch State Park, when West Branch "Area" is between Alliance, Salem, Sebring, and Demascus. If anyone knows why, I would be more than happy to know why.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Running in the Snow.

Today's run was one that I won't forget for a while. I decided to wake up at 6:30 and go for a run in Mill Creek Park. I was going to leave my house at 7:20 and start running by 8AM as I was going to meet some fellow runners for a jog. I ended up leaving right on time and was out the door at 7:20. I looked outside and honestly thought, I don't think I can get my car out of the driveway. As I got my car out on the driveway, I kept sliding down the road. I thought to myself, "Only I would go out in this crap." I got up the street and noticed that none of the roads have been salted or plowed and thought to myself, this is going to be a crappy day and I can already feel it. I got to the Sheetz on Salt Springs Road and it took me roughly 20 minutes to get there, so I decided it's not worth it for a run down in Mill Creek Park. I ended up coming back to a father and a mother who questioned my every move, then I quickly took notice to how bad the run would have been in Mill Creek.

So I figured oh well there's plenty of other things I could do today, like pack for college since I have to do that still and leave tomorrow. I then noticed my dad suiting up for outside and decided that I should probably help him out too. I shoveled the driveways, all three of them and my dad used the snow blower. Seems as though he had the easier job...

As we got done with the driveways, my mom had already prepared us breakfast which were very good. Cinnamon Rolls and Tea are the perfect breakfast during the winter times and I wouldn't trade it for anything. After eating and doing absolutely nothing for two hours, I was talking to my sister, who was wishing that she could see her boyfriend today but since the roads were bad, he was unable to join. She then was asking how bad of snow we got, and then I decided, "Why not take the camera out for a run and show her how bad the roads are over here?" My parents also thought it was a good idea.

Here are the pictures from today's Run:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Blog

Well, today is my first day with a blog. I'm not so sure how to use this or how often I will be typing in it but we'll see how it goes. I'll start out by saying that this weeks runs have been pretty good and was very happy with Monday's run. I ended up running in the morning before work and then going after work. I ended up running around town both times and pretty much doing the same course twice, but I liked the course. I then went on to enjoy taco's and tostitos with Sarah as we watched the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. Everyone in my house was rooting for Ohio State, yet unlike me, I am a Texas Longhorns fan and was very impressed and disappointed at the way the game went. I was very impressed with how well both defenses played, they both really stepped up the challenge. However, I was really disappointed in how Texas played because they should have beaten Ohio State by a greater margin. Oh well, a win is a win. All I can say is, Jim Tressel that's 3 consecutive bowl losses in major games, looks as though Youngstown State could use a new coach...

Since I was so happy at how the outcome went and with how my mileage was going for the week, I decided that I would take the day off of running, and am now thinking it was probably the best idea. The road conditions were terrible all day and figured it would be better to take the day off anyway. So, I did. I ended up making Sarah and I a pretty big breakfast and just relaxing all day since I had taken the day off of work.

Today, I have gone out this morning for a jog before work and started at 7AM. It was nice to go out at that time because no one is really out there to talk to you or distract you. It's pretty nice to be out when the sunrise is just getting ready to come up. It really gives me some time to think and I like doing that in the morning. Now, I'm relaxing and am going to go for my second run of the day to have fun this time around.