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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Return to the Wheels

Yesterday, I ran in the morning for a good hour and a half. I felt pretty tired after it was all said and done, then I had to go up to school to get some extra help before this weekends Praxis Test for school. I ended up staying up there til about 2 in the afternoon and then came home to study more. Before I got home, my dad and I were making plans to possibly get on the bike trail in Mineral Ridge to do a little biking. This was going to be an adventure for me, because I haven't gotten on a bike in nearly four or five years.

We arrived at the Mineral Ridge Bike Trail right by the Ice House Inn Bar and parked Elle (Dad's Element). Then, got the bikes out and put the shoes on. I then had a little trouble with the clips going into the straps on my shoes. This was going to be a challenge for me. I then decided that I should circle the parking lot to try to get the shoe in the pedal. After circling the lot once, I finally got it, a sure sign of how the ride will be.

On the bike trail, we did the first mile and a half fairly easy, probably about 15 miles per hour just to loosen up. Arriving near the Mahoning Avenue Bridge, I saw someone pass my dad and I. My dad, who normally hates to be passed, sped up a little to catch up to him, I slowed because I was new to the bike and knew it was going to be a longer ride than anticipated. After crossing numerous roads and ending up in cornfields, my dad and I started chatting about triathalons and biathalons. I told him that if I were to bike and swim more, then I would love to try and do the YMCA Triathalon in Youngstown next July. We will see if that happens. We both agreed that my running is there, swimming--eh not so much, biking is only 10 miles, yesterday we did 22ish, so I should be alright.

I'm excited for this new style of training and hope that it will show benefits in my running. If not, heck its good cross training for myself. I also thought to myself that this year I am doing the YUT-C 50k, Akron Relay Race and the Columbus Marathon all within a Month of each other. It's going to be a tough challenge, but I like things like this to be a challenge.

The bike ride ended, my legs felt fine. When I got home they weren't in bad shape, just a little sore on the upper shoulder area. Went to bed around 9 and slept till 7 the next day. It was a good nights rest.

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