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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today's Run

Today, my friends Aaron and Mitchell ventured over to Cuyahoga Valley National Park to do our long run. We knew the weather was going to be iffy during the run, so we decided to make it an easy day. The run started at the Boston store (Now called Trail Mix?? At least that's what the sign said...) then took a route near Brandywine Falls, to Carriage Loop and around to Buckeye South, and back to Boston Store..or Trail Mix.

The run started out fairly well I would say. Brandywine Falls was really muddy, or so we thought. We suggested that since it is the trail at the lowest level, that most of it would be underwater or heavily concentrated with mud. We were right with that suggestion. Then we went back on the tow path, and my lips were really dry. Thankfully, I had brought my chapstick/beeswax with me for the run. It helped, but quickly became dry again.

Part 2 of the run included Carriage Loop. This run starts out brutal, the hill is one that I would consider a fairly tough hill for CVNP. We got to the top, took a small break and continued down the path. During this trail run, there are three bridges that you have to cross, I can't really remember the names of them, but you have to cross them to get to the other side of the trail. All three were closed, we thought because they were wet, and they didn't want anyone to slip and fall. So, I made the call to jump the steel bars that were blocking the entrance, and keep on going. We did and finished that part of the run at a fairly good clip.

Part 3 of the run, included Buckeye South Trail. This trail, is rather hard, the opposite way. The way we went was backwards (to us) and it too was really muddy. The run had mud everywhere for a good seven miles. About halfway through the run, you have to cross a small creek, usually has rocks to step on, and get to the other part of the trail. During this attempt, all the rocks were covered, so I jumped right in and stayed in the water for a few minutes. It felt like an ice bath, and very refreshing on my legs. Then I continued down the trail to the finish.

Thoughts about this run:
Even though it was at a very slow time, I am okay with it because it is time on my feet and I had a great time doing this. Hoping next week to do another 70 mile week, although Saturday I have to go to two weddings, so it might be a stretch but I'll work something out.

Miles for the week: 76
Miles for the year: 851.80

Looks as if I am starting to feel better with my longer runs just as I did in High School. Today's run was a little slower, but overall the week was perfect and I couldn't ask for a better week to train.

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