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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

Today, I was done with class early and decided that I would eat Lunch right after and relax at home for about an hour, then travel to Mill Creek Park for a "good run". I got home, and was feeling highly motivated from the numerous videos I was watching about Bart Yasso and his quest for the Comrades Marathon (56 miles in Africa).

You can follow Bart on:

Then, I was driving to Mill Creek and I just knew that it was going to be a solid day with the heat and humidity. I started my run doing the YUT-C 50k first loop and was feeling pretty good. The worst part about this run had to be the first and second loop around Newport as it felt like it lasted forever. What also didn't help was that my iPod was on a good mix, one that I use for long runs. This one wasn't so good. The Beetles Long and Winding Road came on, and this felt like the run dragged on forever. The sun was beating down and the sweat felt like it was pouring out of my pores. I looked over to my left to see that Newport, as dirty as it is, looked so nice to jump in. I then shook my head and remembered that I was feeling good on the run and that jumping in the water, as fun as it sounds, would only delay in this process. I continued to put one foot in front of the other and finished the two loops. I was still feeling pretty great so I added on a good five miles to end my run. The run ended with one hard all out stride. Couldn't have been a better day for a great run.

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