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Monday, May 24, 2010

Nice week to train

Throughout the course of the week this week, I have been trying to gradually increase my endurance. This increase comes as I am training for the 50k in September. I am hoping to run it at a "comfortable" pace and then three weeks later try to bust out a hard Columbus Marathon. Anyway, here's my weekly mileage with some additional thoughts in there:

I was out the door tonight when it was pouring down rain. Five minutes into the run, the rain ceased and the steps kept on going. My body physically felt fine, mentally, I am stronger than I feel like I ever have been. These runs, which are giving me more motivation to continue the long runs are very beneficial to how my running is going. The schedule that I set aside for this week is looking good and I hope I can do more that I scheduled.Tomorrow, the plan is to get out for a 4 miler or so before leaving for Mount for class. Then once class is over, I am heading home and doing a seven miler or so, with the possibility of doing more. Hopefully a good weekend is in order for running as well.
8 miles

15 miles. Did 5 miles in the morning and then went over to Meander Reservoir and had a "comfortable" 7:00/mi pace run around that. This run was a negative split 5 miler and I enjoyed running it with Aaron. We hammered the last mile or so, and half of it was all up hill. Gotta get in good tip-top shape.

Took today off to recover.

Solid day today. Couldn't have picked a better day to go out and run. First, ran in Mill Creek Park for the "first" 13 miles and ran this mainly on trails for a good workout and awesome hills. The run was great, and fairly fast.When I got back, my toe was bleeding and my legs were covered in mud. That's when you know the run was perfect.Then, I got home from Mill Creek and Kyrsti was saying how she didn't have anyone to run with so, I went out and ran an extra 3 miles with her. My legs are beat now, but I am going to elevate my legs and take an easy day tomorrow. 4-6 miles in the morning with my high school cross coach. Should be fun.
16 miles total. Lovely.

4 Mile morning run, nothing major to say.

10 miles with my iPod. Just trying to get my mental toughness back in gear. I felt like I have lost some of this in the past few years, but running around town with my iPod with the adrenaline pumping music definitely brings it back. No giving up.

Played a round of golf with my Cousin. Didn't shoot too bad, probably about a 45...okay maybe it was a little worse than that, but I didn't lose any balls and had a great time.
Then ran after...about 3-4 miles.

As for the conclusion of this week, I think this was a good starting base. I am going to run the runs this week a little slower and a little longer to gradually increase the base. I think one run this week, possibly Thursday, will be a long run in Mill Creek. This run may consist of an uptempo run and hoping to make it the first 20 miler of the summer! Maybe more if I feel good!!

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