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Friday, September 17, 2010

Final thoughts before tomorrow.

Let me start off by saying, that I feel like I am in the best physical shape of my life. I have been running for hours nonstop and doing it rather early in the morning (starting time is typically 5:45AM). I usually run between one and two hours on a constant basis, and have been doing this for the past month for preparation for the 50k and the Columbus Marathon in October.

That being said, my physical shape has also been great because I ran the most amount of miles in one week, and that was last week. I ended up doing 100 miles in seven runs and am now mentally tough for this 50k set ahead of me tomorrow morning.

All of this added in, is allowing my mind to flow freely back between "Am I ready or not?" I feel that I am, I know that I am, but I'm not so sure my legs will be 100% tomorrow in order to run for the distance that is ahead of me. I guess it's the typical back and forth motion that exists in every runner, especially when there is a new distance at hand.

Tomorrow = 8AM start. 31 miles. I hope I got this.

"It's not that I had the guts to finish, it's the fact that I had the courage to start."

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