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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It has been a few weeks since I did the Columbus Marathon, and I have been racing constantly. This week, my first weekend technically off from a race and I am going to rest to the fullest.

Good news, I am going to be doing my first track workout since 2007. This will get very interesting and a lot of fun at the same time. I have been training with two other gentlemen who are running very well, training for different events but that's okay, it makes us a very diverse group of individuals.

Josh is a Sophomore at Mount Union and this year completed his first marathon because I convinced him that he was ready to accomplish the feat. Ever since finishing the marathon, he has been itching to get back onto the running scene. He is planning on coming to beautiful McDonald, Ohio to do the Feed the Need 5k. Should be a good race to be honest.

Andrew is a Junior at Mount Union and a very avid biker. He has completed numerous triathalons and is built like a triathlete! Andrew completed his first Marathon at Columbus and is going to be consistently training for the Ironman in a few years. He will do very well, and I expect him to place very well among the other athletes. This guy is the real deal.

As for me, I am going to continue training. I am taking about a month to recover and then I am back into the higher mileage for the rest of the year. I can't wait to start logging consistent 70 mile weeks again, and hope to hit my second 100 mile week. I plan on doing either another 50k and a marathon or a 50 miler and a marathon/50k. My legs don't want to stop and neither does my mind. I will push my body to the limit.

Also, next semester is Student Teaching for me, ahh yes the lovely Teaching. I can't wait to do it! I love teaching right now in the school that I am in, and can't wait to make even more differences in students' lives when I begin teaching.

With teaching, comes the attempt to coach. I want to try and coach track, but if I can't get a helping position then I would run on my own. I would like to show the athletes in middle or high school that they can accomplish the feats they set ahead of them.

Let's get it!

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